River Runner

Teams explore leadership, planning and customer service leading a white water river expedition.

2 - 3 hours
20 - Unlimited


In this high energy indoor business game each team takes the role of a rafting company leading a successful ‘first descent’ down one of the world’s great rivers. Teams commence planning, learning and developing a strategy. Then they embark on a maximum 15 day expedition down the river aiming to earn ‘Feel Good Factors’ and food card through completing various challenges. Full sized rafts, paddles and all manner of authentic expedition equipment create an impressive backdrop to the game, while spectacular video footage provides a real taste for the thrills and spills of the sport. The team who finishes with the highest net profit wins the game.

Learning Outcomes

Mounting a river expedition and seeing it through to a successful completion is a careful balance of research, client satisfaction, safety and profit - the keys to a successful performance. During the planning and execution stages, teams are deliberately supplied with more information than any one person can deal with, so effective information management is crucial in creating the best outcome for clients. Participants are also required to balance the budget, to ensure the best customer experience is delivered while remaining profitable. As with any goal-directed activity, the temptation to sacrifice careful planning in favour of 'getting on with the job' will often prove too powerful to resist. The opportunities for review and relevant learning are immense.

Related Testimonial

In this energetic business simulation all of the 10 people in each team were fully engaged performing different functions but working towards their common goal. Despite being indoors, this was an incredibly realistic experience!


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