Giving back

Collective giving benefits both recipients and givers both emotionally and physically.

social responsibility giving back

Giving as a group, enables a greater impact than might alone. Long term connection can be formed with recipient organisations non-profit, community or social. Giving is powerful for the person giving as much as the recipient. Research shows that people benefit both emotionally and physically through giving and volunteering. Social connection assists in turning generous behaviour into positive feelings for the giver. Giving as a group rather than as an individual leads to the greatest feelings of happiness for the giver. Increased employee happiness relates directly to engagement and effective work. Many individuals who have participated in such programs go on to join giving circles or develop a habit of giving as a result of givings powerful positive effects.

When employees participate in an organised giving program, there is usually a process of learning and engagement as a group. Research shows that well structured giving and volunteering programs could deliver returns to the businesses by reducing training and development costs.

Catalyst has several activities with that have a range of effective team building outcomes with the added outcome of collective giving. Our connection with the social giving network B1G1 gives you the choice of a range of project which to give to. Alternatively, selecting a local charity or community organisation and involving employees in deciding what they will contribute to encourages commitment to the project.

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